The success of Indian software industry in part has been due to its investment friendly and free market oriented business environment in India, along with its supportive Government policies. The supporting infrastructure of the Indian software industry includes its second largest in world supplier base of English speaking professionals, universities and institutes producing 115 Thousand engineering graduates and 55 Thousand software professionals every year, companies with SEI established highest CMM quality level, Government supported software technology parks of India under the STP scheme, and high speed satellite data links and services.

  Existing software industry infrastructure supporting the growth and trends in the Indian software industry has been examined. Role of the Indian government, Software Technology Parks of India (STPIs) and Industry Association has been reviewed. Indian software industry has grown at the rate of about 54%. According to the Electronic and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC), the 1998-99 electronics and software exports have reached $6.5 billion. Approximately 60% of the revenue, $3.9 Billion come from the software industry. This includes approximately 68%, $2.65 Billion, software exports. Export revenues predominantly come from North America, approximately 61%, and form Europe, approximately 23%. Software export from India is estimates to reach $4.0 Billion in the year 1999-2000.

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