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BCA International (BCAI), a Texas based consulting company, (BCAI) offers the following services to its international clients in the high-tech industry:

  1. Outsourcing project/program management, especially offshore software development

  2. Supplier selection and evaluation

  3. Selection of partners for strategic technology or business alliance development

  4. Technology development and transfer, product management

Outsourcing project management is not limited to offshore software development, but BCAI can help if your company is interested in the following:


Setting-up centers in India or USA for R&D, product development, manufacturing, maintenance, migration and technical support


Strategic technology or business alliance development with a software company in India with global operations, competitive skills and technologies, and proven quality standards


Assistance in management of the outsourcing project or benchmarking, competitive analysis, and selection of appropriate partner/supplier company


30-40% lower development cost


Access to large pool of qualified English-speaking software professionals


Software industry in India supported by a strong industry infrastructure and business friendly government policies


U.S. trained and experienced senior management


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